We are a well-coordinated team of full techies where everyone can count on the support of their colleagues. We’re also committed to help our clients too – so that they never feel left alone with a project.

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Angel Lawrence

App Developer

Leveraging extensive experience in app development, she is a valuable asset for us. Her broad areas of expertise include web application development, mobile app development, ux/ui designing, etc.


Web Designer

Leveraging extensive experience in app development, she is a valuable asset for us. Her broad areas of expertise include web application development, mobile app development, ux/ui designing, etc.

John Marquis

Digital Marketer

John has 4 years experience in digital marketing, and almost 3 years experience specialising in PPC. He is an SEO specialist who loves helping clients get more leads from both organic and paid channels.

Henry Stewart

UI/UX Designer

Henry is passionate about the ever-changing tech industry and how fast it evolves. He is our senior UI/UX designer who doesn't see the sky as the limit. Still he is working to enhance his skill sets focusing on design, user interface, and user experience.

Noel Berg

Customer Service Executive

Noel has an extensive career history in customer service, working closely with individuals in many different industries from food services to administrative services. This gives him a broad understanding of how different people approach projects.

Abel Joseph

Digital Marketer

Abel has over 15 years of experience developing digital solutions that make businesses grow. He has a passion for improving his client’s business and relies on years of business experience to help clients succeed.

A few words about our team

Our Team Is Your Team..

When you want your business to be better, client-focused, and profitable, you need the best team driving your vision forward. We at Websorbz will be the right choice for you, if you want better, faster, and smarter digital solutions to grow your business online. We are a team which can create focused marketing strategies that align with business goals, which can infuse our creativity into groundbreaking campaigns, and which can analyse data to optimise every tactic along the way. Of course! You need Websorbz because you really want to grow your business.

Want to Join the Team?

We’re looking for both experienced specialists and those who are about to start their career in digital marketing, web designing, app development, or web hosting. Visit our career page to discover our latest openings.

Meet Our Team

What makes us different?

We are a team of experienced techies who mix knowledge and experience with enthusiasm, passion, and creativity. This blend helps us design and develop digital solutions that let our clients increase online visibility and build a positive image of their brands.

We're Creative

We mix different creative ideas and innovative strategies to create digital solutions that stand out and attract your target audience.

We're Transparent

We focus on delivering transparent solutions: a well-defined strategy and transparent communication on every step of the way.

We’re dedicated

We work on the basis of thorough research and knowledge. We constantly improve our strategies to match our clients’ goals.

We're here for you!

Your Satisfaction Is Our Mission

We at Websorbz always want to become our clients’ most trusted partner because their successes are a measure of our own growth. To help them achieve their targets, we constantly expand our knowledge and develop our skills. Thus, we actively monitor our clients’ industries and the moves of their competitors. We constantly look for new tools and follow ever-changing content marketing trends.


Websorbz is a leading web agency, committed to provide top-notch design and development solutions. At Websorbz, nothing makes our team happier than the success of our clients because of a service we have provided.

We foster an inclusive workforce and embrace a shared set of core values based on professionalism, competitive spirit, relationships, and giving back to the communities where we live and work.